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Orbis Prima

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Orbis Prima-

Step into a jungle of incredible magical beauty. Discovery and adventure await you as you search for the wall of the Orbis Prima, known in ancient legend only by the sacred people of la Huasteca jungles. Only in legend does this magical place exist that allows it's lucky finders to travel between amazing worlds that only exist in the stories and memories of ancient people. And now you have finally found it. After searching for years, you stumble upon a wall of bricks in the treacherous jungle. The elusive Orbis Prima looms in front of you with it's crystal center emanating a mysterious glowing light. As legend goes, this timeless portal will briefly allow you to travel back in time to a virgin Earth where nature's beauty was allowed to flourish, untouched by the destruction of man or nature. Each passage through the wall will take you to a new and wonderful place, a breathtaking world of natural beauty and amazing landscapes.

The key to obtaining passage through the Orbis Prima lies within the puzzle itself. Use the magic ball to clear the bricks and gain entry to the magic that lies on the other side.

You will get a certain amount of sacred puzzles you must break. You break the puzzles by swiping the ball into specific bricks of the puzzle inside the circle. When you break the amount of puzzles required by the Orbis Prima, you travel into the next amazing world and get the opportunity to enjoy it's beauty. In every level the Orbis Prima will show you an image inside the circle of the next world you will venture to... until you get to your final destination...

The game consists of pool, futbol (Soccer), paddle ball, table tennis, and foosball like strategic moves. Just imagine you're playing pool, and you swipe your ball to break the desired bricks in the puzzle to solve it and move into the next world.

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