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All apps are Kid safe! No in-app sales or adds! Never buy lives again!

Mo Candy Traveler - Match (3) Three Game-

Never buy lives again! Tired of waiting for free lives? The most addictive match 3 game ever and with endless lives! No in-app purchasing and no advertising.

Mo Candy, the cutest, sweetest, most adorable candy loving bee goes on a special mission to collect candy all over the world.

Mo has recently earned his pilot's license and you will travel with him country by country, city by city, enjoying majestic and iconic locations transformed into a magical candy fantasy world.

Travel to the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids in Egypt, Stone Henge, the North Pole and beyond! A breath-taking real world destination awaits you in every level.

The adventure never ends in this game as countries are being added continually.

Mo Candy Traveler, the most addictive match three game ever, includes a unique integration of endless moves, providing an aspect of strategy in this game that will hook you in for hours of endless play. Make big matches for an eye-popping fireworks explosion and a cascade of dramatic effects. Use power ups, blasters, and bonuses to help you pass each level. Addictive, simple, and full of surprises with every move! Sit back and watch as the board takes a life of it's own with chain reaction techni-color candy explosions. Simple enough for a beginner but provides a challenge for even the experienced gamer.

  • - NO In-App purchasing (Free apps contain In-App purchasing which are designed to scam your kids into making unauthorized purchases and are spammed with inappropriate adds or mal-ware)
  • - Many more country levels will be added as free updates, so download updates.
  • -Match Three (3) Puzzle Game
  • - Mo Candy Traveler - The whole World of levels of candy fun
  • - Beautiful Candy and world graphics!
  • - Beautiful Candy graphics
  • - Music- rock while you play
  • - Ages: A fun game for all ages.
  • - Made in the USA.

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