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Mo Candy Easter

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Mo Candy Easter - Match (3) Three Game

Tired of waiting for free lives? Never buy lives again!

The best match 3 game ever and with endless lives! Celebrate Easter with this edition of Mo Candy Easter.

Mo Candy Easter - Match (3) Three Candy Game
For the sweet love of Easter Eggs EvolutionRed presents Mo Candy Easter Edition, a charming match three game for all the candy and Easter Egg lovers in the world. Be dazzled by incredible chain reactions every time you make a match. Make big matches for a cascade of delightful explosions. With 100 levels of Easter Egg and Easter themed worlds, this game is simple enough for children or beginners but gradually increases in complexity to challenge even the most experienced gamer.

Music: Beautiful renditions of world renowned masters

1.) "Fur Elise" - Beethoven
2.) "Ave Maria" - Schubert
3.) "Ode To Joy" Symphony #9- Beethoven
4.) "Flight of The Bumble Bee"- Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
5.) "Moon Light Sonata" - Beethoven

  • - NO In-App purchasing or adds (Free apps contain In-App purchasing which are designed to scam your kids into making unauthorized purchases and are spammed with inappropriate adds or mal-ware)
  • -Match Three (3) Puzzle Game
  • - Mo Candy Easter - 100 levels of candy fun
  • - Beautiful Candy and world graphics!
  • - Tired of waiting for free lives? Never buy lives again!
  • - Music- rock while you play
  • - Ages: A fun game for all ages.
  • - Made in the USA.


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