Lizards Matching Game

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Lizards Matching Game

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Lizards Matching Game

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Lizards- Matching Game

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Fun and educational games for kids and adults. Beautiful Lizard graphics.
Want to improve your memory? Then use it! Neuroscience research shows that simply using your brain improves its performance and efficiency. Memory and cognition are improved by the repeated creation of synapses in the brain. These synapses fire every time you use your brain. The more you challenge your mind, the more your brain function is improved. So come on, let’s fire some synapses!


  • - NO In-App purchasing or adds (Free apps contain In-App purchasing which are designed to scam your kids into making unauthorized purchases and are spammed with inappropriate adds or mal-ware)
  • - Match all the lizards before time runs out to unlock the next level.
  • - A fun game designed to entertain as well as sharpen your memory and concentration.
  • - Matching game that includes ten levels of increasing difficulty.
  • - Beautiful lizards and scenery graphics.
  • - Ages: A fun memory game for kids and adults alike.
  • - Made in the USA.



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