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THE world IS your CANDY! Magical DESTINATIONS await you...


The WORLD is just a few clicks away as you play and travel through the worlds most famous destinations.

Mo Candy Worldwide Game

Mo Candy Worldwide Game

We have transformed the world, into CANDY... MATCH 3 GAMING will never be the same.

Mo Candy Worldwide match (3) three Game
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Mo Candy Worldwide Game
Mo Candy Worldwide Game

Quench your thirst with SOMETHING NEW with this beautiful, ARTISTIC MAGICAL WORLDWIDE JOURNEY match (3) puzzle game, that only "EVOLUTIONRED" can deliver...

  • TOP SELLING, TOP RATED MATCH 3 app that's ADDICTIVE like nothing else YOU'VE ever PLAYED.

Join Mo in a WORLDWIDE ESCAPADE to destinations all over the planet! Enjoy a wide-eyed ride through a fast-paced INTERNATIONAL that will leave you awe-struck. If you've ever longed to travel the world, DREAM NO MORE, your FANTASY ADVENTURE has arrived! Hop on board and take a JOURNEY with Mo!

Mo Candy Worldwide, the most addictive match three game ever, includes a unique integration of endless moves, providing an aspect of strategy in this game that will hook you in for hours of endless play.

We have the most creative concepts in match (3) games to fulfill your wildest gaming fantasies.

Join the ADVENTURE with GET TEDDY and Watch it all come to life...

Free to download on Facebook, Android, Apple, iPhone, iPad, PC and HTML5 online games.

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EvolutionRed is a game and app company based in Texas with a rich background in art, developing artistically beautiful digital content. Though our primary focus is game development, we also develop amazing children's digital content in the form of learning apps and children's books.

Mo Candy, Tutti Frutti, Get Teddy, Mucho Mango, Razzle Dazzle and Misfit Souls are Registered Trademarks of EvolutionRed.

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