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Arcade fun

Retro-fit your game style with the new, insanely addictive arcade game, Catari. Hypnotically simple, this game will have you hooked in for hours of fun.

Join the adventure and navigate kitty through a series of obstacles while collecting points to pass each level.

Catch the fish to level up, but beware! This taunting game will have you biting your nails, gritting your teeth, and clenching your fists to avoid devastating game enders like water balloons and dogs.

"Just one more try" will be your new obsession as you attempt to navigate 10 challenging worlds on your quest to get kitty back to the city.

  • - NO In-App purchasing or adds! (Free apps contain In-App purchasing which are designed to scam your kids into making unauthorized purchases and are spammed with inappropriate adds or mal-ware)
  • - Catari brings you Arcade fun!
  • - 10 Exciting worlds of arcade fun!
  • - Beautiful worlds and graphics!
  • - Music - rock while you play.
  • - Ages: A fun game for all ages.
  • - Made in the USA.


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